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    CapShift makes it easy for you to provide impact investing solutions that meet your clients’ needs.

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    Our Tools Make Impact Investing Simpler

    We help you retain and engage clients in new ways by offering a differentiated service that speaks to your clients’ values:

    Sourcing Services

    Leverage CapShift’s growing database of investment opportunities sourced by our global network of partners with broad market coverage.

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    Research and Due Diligence

    Expedite the process to qualify and understand investment opportunities with support from our Research Team.

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    Social Impact Reporting

    Stay up-to-date and share regular financial and social impact reporting with your clients over the life of the investment using CapShift’s technology.

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    Donor Advised Fund Solutions

    Work with your preferred DAF Provider and CapShift to add new impact investment opportunities to their menu or work with CapShift to identify the right partner to meet your clients’ needs.

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    Sourcing Services

    Search by What’s Important to You

    Our proprietary and growing database includes public ESG and thematic strategies, private funds, direct investments, and philanthropic investments.


    We source opportunities from established nonprofits, national foundations, impact investors and domain partners. Our database has over 1,000 impact investment opportunities and is growing.


    We qualify opportunities to meet basic impact filters and to ensure they’re transactable


    We develop summaries and marketing materials based on client interest

    If you have a unique request, such as a specific geography or impact area, we can leverage our network of partners to identify specialized investment opportunities.

    Clean Energy

    Income equality

    Quality education


    Safe and Affordable Housing

    Sustainable food and agriculture

    Social Justice

    Refugee stability and livelihoods

    Research and Due Diligence

    Streamline Your Process

    Impact investing covers a wide range of asset classes and thematic areas.  We know reviews of these products can be costly, so our Research Team can work with you to help manage those costs, narrow your search, and expedite the review process.

    For specific impact investments, we can provide a full due diligence packet and recommendation based on your unique risk, return and impact criteria.

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    Social Impact Reporting

    Spotlight the Progress

    CapShift helps you keep impact front and center when you meet with clients by providing you with easy-to-use materials that share stories, key metrics, and tie back to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. You can incorporate these materials – available for both public and private investment opportunities – into a client meeting or send as part of a quarterly statement.

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    Donor Advised Fund Solutions

    Enhance Your Clients’ Philanthropic Capabilities

    Donor advised funds are a simple place to get started with impact investing. If you have a preferred donor advised fund provider, we can work with them to bring impact investing opportunities to your clients.

    We work closely with Fidelity Charitable, National Philanthropic Trust, Chicago Community Trust and other leading providers across the country. Contact us by clicking below to find out how we work with your preferred provider.

    CapShift can provide you and your clients with access to a wider array of impact investments and may also be able to provide lower minimums and fewer transaction costs than working directly with your clients’ donor advised fund (DAF) providers.

    FlexDAF Impact Solutions

    If you need to identify a preferred donor advised fund provider for a client wanting access impact investments, we can work with you to find the right partner.

    The breadth of our relationships allows us to optimize for a provider within our network that offers the right array of impact investment flexibility with competitive fees for your clients’ needs.

    Our FlexDAF for Impact program offers an end-to-end service:


    We select the best provider within our network for your needs, based on access, offerings, fees, and other variables


    We facilitate approval of your desired public and private impact investments


    We simplify management through integrated billing, reporting, and oversight

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