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From investments designed to protect the polar ice caps to recoverable grants that drive equitable communities, CapShift makes it easy to find impact investments aligned with your passion.

We work across a full range of asset classes, impact themes, and nonprofit opportunities, in partnership with your existing financial and philanthropic advisors. We can help you discover and diligence unique investments for your traditional portfolio, invest your charitable capital in impactful opportunities aligned with your giving priorities, and understand the impact you’re making through regular impact and financial reporting.

Whether you’re just getting started with impact investing or looking for niche opportunities to fill a specific role in your portfolio – we’ve got you covered.

Investments that bring your theory of change to life

Our proprietary database connects you with more than 2,500 public, private, and nonprofit impact opportunities. With access to investments and recoverable grant opportunities that represent all major thematic areas both locally and globally, CapShift is uniquely positioned to help you advance solutions to the social and environmental challenges you are passionate about.

Popular impact themes

The above is a representative list of popular impact themes requested by our clients. It’s not an all inclusive list of the impact themes available.

A diversity of asset classes and impact options

We can also provide a full due diligence packet and recommendations on impact investment opportunities based on your specific risk, return, and impact criteria. Our research team helps manage costs, narrow searches, and expedites the review process.

We source institutional-quality investment offerings for the CapShift community via our bespoke network of leading foundations, nonprofits, family offices, and investment funds.

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Activate charitable assets for impact

Create meaningful impact from the moment you donate capital until it reaches your preferred nonprofit. CapShift has partnered with leading Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) to make it easier to use your account for impact, enabling you to recommend impact opportunities you’re interested in to your existing provider.

If you don’t currently have a DAF, CapShift’s FlexDAF for Impact® program can help you select an appropriate DAF provider for your needs, access competitive fees, select and approve impact investments, and provide ongoing oversight.

Drive change globally and locally

We’re proud to feature impact opportunities from these leading funds, social enterprises, and nonprofits.

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