Our Story

Amplifying possibilities

There is no shortage of great ideas in the world. From innovative technologies to address climate change, to new lending models to confront financial inequity, to life changing healthcare treatments – creative ways to address the world’s challenges abound. Yet lack of access to capital is causing a significant gap that is keeping these transformative ideas from operating at scale.

CapShift was founded to help bridge this gap.

Through our decades of work with families and institutions we noticed two things. First, that families and institutions already have access to the ultimate form of patient risk capital – charitable assets. Second, families and institutions faced significant barriers to deploying this capital effectively. For example, finding, researching, and monitoring impact investments is resource intensive. Determining how to invest with charitable or traditional assets is complex. And investors are worried about greenwashing, investment risk, and metrics around the real impact they create.

CapShift removes these barriers, empowering families and institutions to easily shift both their charitable and traditional capital into hundreds of mission-driven funds and social enterprises focused on scaling solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Today, we offer an impact investing platform and suite of solutions designed for

Individuals and families in need of an easier way to find impact investments aligned with their unique goals and preferences.

Financial advisors looking to source rigorously researched impact opportunities for their clients.

Donor advised fund providers seeking a customizable turnkey solution to bring impact investing and recoverable grants to their donors.

Together – we can invest in a better tomorrow. Come join us.

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Our Team

An amateur photographer. A birthday experience creator. Quite a few culinary whizzes. A kid’s costume designer. A monumental klutz. Several strong sleepers. A memory impresario. Paper craft and mustachio artists. An anthropological theorist. An outdoor enthusiast. And a couple of travel and trivia experts. What do we all have in common?

A passion to leave the world better than we found it and a firm belief that impact capital is the best tool available to make that vision a reality.

Our delightful team of talented, committed individuals also bring decades of expertise from top tier firms focused on impact investing, wealth advisory, asset management, consulting, community development, technology, and family offices.

Transformative leadership

Just like our team – our founders and backers believe in the potential for capital to create a brighter future for our world.

CapShift was founded by MissionPoint Partners, an impact investing manager and advisor focused on environmental solutions; Jacques Perold, former President of Fidelity Research & Management Company; and the Heron Foundation, a pioneering impact investor championing people, places, and enterprises who challenge broken conventions and dare to change.

Our investors include leading family offices, foundations and other impact investing institutions, including Spring Point Partners, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, Omidyar Network, Jesse Fink, Kat Taylor, Gratitude Railroad, Impact Investors, and Brazen Impact. Our investor community also includes the co-founders or former heads of leading fintech and investment firms Bain Capital Europe, Aperio, and Addepar – as well as a number of other mission-aligned investors. Shortly after founding, CapShift acquired the pioneering impact investing platform ImpactUs Marketplace, which was supported by several leading community development financial institutions and national foundations.

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