Deliver Personalized Impact to Your Clients

Specialized, streamlined, and scalable. Bring a better impact investing solution to your advisory practice.

The demand:

  • 84% of investors are interested in impact investing.1
  • 98% of current impact investors maintain or increase their amount invested in the next year.2
  • Nearly half (45%) of high net-worth investors are interested in impact investments.3

Yet, less than a third (32%) of investors said their advisors had mentioned impact investing to them.4

The problem:

Delivering impact investing to clients requires subject-matter expertise, knowing what to bring — and how to approach — conversations, and can be operationally burdensome. Rolling impact investing out to a practice can be an even greater challenge.

The solution:

Designed to scale, CapShift’s comprehensive platform supports our partners at every step — from client interest to allocation. Rely on our expertise and technology to find opportunities, engage clients, and invest easily.

Check out our impact investing FAQ for Advisors to see an example of resources we offer to our partners.

CapShift’s Impact Investing Platform

CapShift comprehensive solution works with you in lockstep, so you can deliver impact without hiring staff or creating new funds.

Research Engine

Conduct curated discovery

Quickly access 900+ investable opportunities, including hard to find private investments, with analysis and ratings at your fingertips.

Client Engagement

Grow relationships

Utilize on-demand resources and support to authentically respond to changing client demands.

Portfolio Advisory

Respond to unique mandates

Access specialized expertise to tailor portfolios to your clients’ financial and impact goals.

Allocation Support

Streamline execution

Delegate the intricacies of private investment management, including monitoring and financial reporting and impact reporting across your portfolio.

Why CapShift?

We heard repeatedly that existing solutions in the market — databases, building in-house, outsourcing — weren’t meeting advisor needs. That’s why we built something better:


Pinpoint the most promising opportunities — not the kitchen sink — leaning on industry experience and issue-area focus.


Use our technology to empower your team to engage in impact investing across all of your clients’ needs.


Augment back-office capacity to invest in a portfolio of specialized publics, thematic, private and charitable investments, informed by industry best practices.

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