An Advisor’s No-nonsense Guide to Impact Investing

We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions to help you deliver impact investing solutions to your clients.

The Essentials

What is impact investing?

Why should an advisor care about impact investing?

How do impact investments perform?

What investment products are included in "impact investing", and what investment products are not?

Is impact investing the same thing as ESG?

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What It Means for your Advisory Practice

How much demand is there for impact investing?

If a client hasn’t made a request why does impact investing matter?

How are impact investing capabilities and conversations driving client retention?

What clients might be interested in impact investments?

How might impact investing grow your practice?

Nuts and Bolts

What asset classes make up impact investing? What does impact look like in each asset class?

Is there a minimum amount of capital required to begin impact investing?

What's an example of a successful impact investment?

What is impact measurement, management, and reporting? How do I use this in practice?

What’s an easy way to understand the landscape of impact themes?

What’s the difference between ESG, SRI, and CSR?

Client Interest Themes

What are the most popular themes in impact investing?

How could a client get started if they’re interested in investing locally?

What are the ways I can help a client passionate about racial equity and justice integrate this goal into their portfolio?

What are the common climate investing approaches a client might adopt?

Trending Topics

What should I make of the recent ESG critiques?

What is impact- and green-washing? Should I be worried about it?

Is impact investing more relevant for clients with philanthropic capital?

How might my client’s political opinions impact their reception to impact investing?