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Getting started with impact investing can be challenging. Individuals and families may find it hard to identify, access, and evaluate impact investments. Financial advisors need cost-effective, scalable ways to unlock impact investing for their clients who have donor advised funds or an interest in impact. And donor advised fund providers require an easy way to access high-quality impact investments and work with donor-identified investment opportunities.

CapShift breaks down these barriers and boosts the ability for capital to create positive change for people and the planet. Discover how you can access new data, capabilities, and tools through one cost-effective platform.

Advanced technology

Quickly discover and collaborate around investment opportunities with family members and advisors. Our innovative technology platform facilitates connecting with pre-approved investments that best align with each individual’s unique goals and preferences. Access investment summaries including videos, photos, key metrics, and offering documents in one easy location.

Research and due diligence

Impact investing covers a wide range of asset classes and thematic areas. We know reviews of these products can be costly, so our research team works with you to help manage those costs, narrow your search, and expedite the review process.

For specific impact investments, we can provide a full due diligence packet and recommendations based on the unique risk, return, and impact criteria you and your clients seek.

Impact reporting

CapShift helps you keep the impact front and center by providing you with easy-to-use materials that share stories, key metrics, and tie back to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

You can provide these materials – available for public and private investments as well as recoverable grant opportunities – to your clients or share them with family members.

Your priorities are our purpose

Individuals & Families

Drive meaningful change

Access impact opportunities designed to accelerate the social and environmental transformation you care about.

Financial Advisors & Family Offices

Differentiate your practice

Meet diverse client needs by sourcing a range of impact solutions for both traditional and charitable assets.

Donor Advised Funds & Community Foundations

Deploy a turnkey impact platform

Provide donors with strategic options for putting philanthropic capital to work before it’s granted.

Impact Funds, Social Enterprises & Nonprofits

Discover values-aligned investors

Access thousands of prospective funders and investors by joining our platform.

The better way to find donor advised funds

Donor advised funds are popular, tax efficient, flexible vehicles for individuals and families to make impact-aligned investments. However, the traditional process of identifying a provider can be complex and opaque. That’s why we developed our FlexDAF for Impact® program, which offers tools to select an appropriate DAF provider for each investor’s specific goals, access competitive fees, select and approve impact investments, and provide ongoing management.


Analyzes donor’s needs to identify relevant providers


Facilitates approval of desired impact opportunities with your chosen DAF


Provides integrated billing, reporting, and oversight

CapShift’s FlexDAF for Impact® program

Find the best donor advised fund provider for your charitable goals and make transformative
investments that tackle today’s toughest environmental and social challenges.

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