Amplify your impact

CapShift’s impact investing platform and suite of solutions empower financial and philanthropic institutions, and their clients, to invest in their vision for a better tomorrow.

Individuals & Families

Drive meaningful change

Access impact opportunities designed to accelerate the social and environmental transformation you care about.

Financial Advisors & Family Offices

Differentiate your practice

Meet diverse client needs by sourcing a range of impact solutions for both traditional and charitable assets.

Donor Advised Funds & Community Foundations

Deploy a turnkey impact platform

Provide donors with strategic options for putting philanthropic capital to work before it’s granted.

Impact capital in action

With a trusted guide and a dose of inspiration, shifting capital into impact investments doesn’t have to be complicated.

Gather ideas. Learn from your peers. Gain insights for your clients. Become a leader in your community.

A Healthy Future
Putting Dollars to Work for Health Outcomes and Equity
An Advisor’s No-nonsense Guide to Impact Investing
An Advisor’s No-nonsense Guide to Impact Investing
We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions to help you deliver impact investing solutions to your clients.
Unlocking Trillions to Tackle the Climate Crisis
Climate investing resources to help you build a 100% climate focused portfolio
An Advisor’s No-nonsense Guide to Impact Investing
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Leverage deep networks and strong relationships to activate capital for purpose

We deliver impact investment and recoverable grant opportunities to donor advised fund sponsors representing nearly $70 billion

2,430+ impact opportunities

Sourced through partnerships with leading asset managers, impact investors, and nonprofit organizations

We’re on a mission to change
the way money is invested