Organizations CapShift's clients have funded

  • Habitat Mortgage Solutions - Recoverable Grant

    Enable Habitat U.S. affiliates to borrow against selected mortgages in their portfolio, generating funding to serve more families.
    United States of America
  • UNICEF USA Bridge Fund - Recoverable Grant

    Accelerate the delivery of life-saving supplies to children in need.
  • WaterEquity Global Access Fund

    Provide access to clean water and sanitation to all through dedicated access to finance.
  • Partners in Health - Center for Global Health

    Increase access to tuberculosis treatments in Peru.
  • PRIME Impact Fund Recoverable Grant

    Drive GHG mitigation by closing the funding gap for early-stage clean-tech startups.
    United States of America
  • MicroVest Short Duration Fund

    Provide financial services to the working poor and underbanked.
    Emerging Markets
  • Root Capital - Recoverable Grant

    Create economic development in rural communities by financing the buyers of farmers' crops.
  • Social Finance Israel - Social Impact Bond

    Reduce Maths and Hebrew attainment gaps for Bedouin students in Rahat.
  • Pursuit Bond 2.0 - Recoverable Grant

    Close the prosperity gap in America by supporting software development training for 1,000 underserved students.
    New York
  • Steward - Convertible Note

    Improve our soil, water, and air quality to increase access to fresh and healthy food for the 23 million Americans currently living in food deserts.
    United States of America
  • Higher Ground Labs Fund II LLC

    Build an ecosystem for progressive political technology that can help win campaigns.
    United States of America
  • Beyond Capital Ventures

    Catalyze innovation and growth in emerging markets by investing in companies that promote impact through basic, affordable goods and services.
  • TalentSky - Series B Preferred Shares

    Validate the skills of people seeking employment and match them with potential employers.
    United States of America
  • Opti RTC

    Reduce water pollution, waste, flooding and combined sewer overflow.
    United States of America
  • Antara Health - Series A

    Expand health insurance coverage and improve healthcare quality for a rapidly growing African middle class.
  • WaterEquity Global Access Fund Recoverable Grant

    Provide access to clean water and sanitation to all through dedicated access to finance.
  • NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund

    Address nonprofits' immediate cash flow needs when experiencing revenue delays so that they can keep delivering human services.
    New York
  • New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

    Create opportunities for families with low and moderate incomes in New Hampshire.
    United States of America
  • MCE Global Economic Opportunity Notes

    Advance credit and financial services for underserved, primarily women in rural areas.
    Emerging Markets
  • Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company

    Support the clean energy transition to combat climate change.
    North America
  • Fair Food Fund - Social Impact Recoverable Grant

    Grow community health and wealth by investing in food enterprises that advance healthy food access, job creation, family farm viability, and greater racial and social equity.
    United States of America
  • Closed Loop Leadership Fund

    Transition from linear supply chains to circular supply chains.
  • Chicago Community Loan Fund

    Provide flexible financing for community developments benefitting Chicagoland's low- to moderate-income neighborhoods.
    Illinois Illinois
  • COVID-19 Business Resilience Fund (5 year)

    Alleviate the pressure of debt payment obligations for small minority-owned businesses facing work stoppages, employee absences, and both supply and demand disruptions.
  • Advance Global Capital Funds

    Support responsible, fossil fuel free, and inclusive economic growth in emerging markets by delivering financing options to help underserved businesses thrive.
    Emerging Markets
  • Golden - Series A SAFE Note

    Eliminate the hurdles that prevent any person from participating and contributing through volunteer activities.
    United States of America
  • Carbon Direct Fund I

    Advance the climate movement to scale carbon removal technologies.
  • The Lyme Conservation Opportunities Fund

    Mitigate climate change and environmental degradation through conservation investments.
    North America
  • Lyme Forest Fund IV

    Support sustainable timber harvesting and job creation.
    United States of America
  • Koret Israel Economic Development Fund (KIEDF)

    Stimulate economic development and employment opportunities in the private sector in Israel.
  • Higg Co LLC - Series A

    Improve sustainability and human rights across the apparel industry supply chain.
    United States of America
  • Boston Impact Initiative Charitable Loan Fund

    Build a sustainable inclusive economy by minimizing income inequality for racial minorities in the Boston Area.
  • FAST Fund for UNICEF

    Provide capital to bridge the purchase of essential supplies to save lives of those with Covid-19 and protect those providing care.
    Emerging Markets

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