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We create transformative solutions that drive capital towards impact.
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An impact investing platform that supports your needs.

We empower philanthropic and financial institutions, along with their clients, to mobilize capital for social and environmental change.


  • with your trusted financial institutions
  • towards unique financial and impact goals
  • with experienced impact investing leaders

We’re here to remove barriers that prevent you from converting interest in impact investing into action. CapShift brings together research, technology, transaction partnerships, and authenticity.

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A solution that can be tailored to your needs

Our process provides you with access to impact investment opportunities aligned with your impact and financial goals.

The impact investment opportunities that we source include public, private, and nonprofit ventures and funds that operate globally and locally across all impact themes.


1. Expert Sourcing

We source impact investment opportunities – spanning all asset classes, geographies, and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – from our global network of sector experts.

2. Research

Our Research Team leverages their deep financial expertise and our proprietary impact assessment methodology to review impact investment opportunities.

3. Trusted Partnerships

We partner with your preferred financial institutions and service providers to bring impact investments to you.

4. Technology Platform and Impact Reporting

We provide you with tools to explore investment opportunities based on your preferences and stay up-to-date on the impact and financial performance of your investments over time.

Our suite of solutions makes it easy to discover, implement, and monitor impact investments that fulfill your needs. We create solutions for:

Financial Advisors

Provide your clients with the impact investing capabilities they seek

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Individuals, Families and Foundations

Access investments that address the global and local challenges that you care about

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Donor Advised Fund Providers

Give donors a simple and easy way to recommend and manage impact investments

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Impact Funds and Social Enterprises

Efficiently connect with a community of values-aligned investors

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