Donor Advised Funds & Community Foundations

Tailored programs. Turnkey solutions.

Enhance your donor engagement

The numbers tell a compelling story. A growing number of donors seek to align their philanthropic investments with their values.

Our impact platform and suite of services enables you to deliver a differentiated value proposition. You can empower donors and their advisors to put philanthropic capital to work before it is granted.

Differentiate your DAF

Enhance your investment offering through private investments driving authentic change. Build customizable public impact portfolios or select public ESG aligned managers. Offer your donors a way to recommend catalytic funding for nonprofits via recoverable grants.

With CapShift’s turnkey impact investing platform you can build a customizable impact program without adding staff, systems, or complexity.

Meet donors where they are


Of millennials and over half of Gen X donors believe impact investing has more power to create change than traditional philanthropy


Of donors are interested in making an impact investment with wealth set aside for charitable donations

Expand your reach

Easily find, diligence, and pre-approve specific investment options and recoverable grants that best align with your donors’ goals and giving priorities. Our proprietary database of over 1,600 public, private, and nonprofit impact opportunities covers a broad cross section of asset classes, impact themes, and geographies. Once you’ve built your menu, donors can then discover and recommend allocations to these offerings using your custom online portal.

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Grow your program

Marketing support to help launch and promote your program. Thought leadership and impact reporting to inspire your donors’ recommendations. Market insights to keep your team and affiliated advisors abreast of industry and investment trends.

With our team as your partner, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We work to meet the specific needs of each DAF provider, while ensuring that all your existing donor and advisor relationships are respected.

Questions? We have answers.

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