Amplify your impact

CapShift’s impact investing platform and suite of solutions empower financial and philanthropic institutions, and their clients, to invest in their vision for a better tomorrow.

Individuals & Families

Drive meaningful change

Access impact opportunities designed to accelerate the social and environmental transformation you care about.

Financial Advisors & Family Offices

Differentiate your practice

Meet diverse client needs by sourcing a range of impact solutions for both traditional and charitable assets.

Donor Advised Funds & Community Foundations

Deploy a turnkey impact platform

Provide donors with strategic options for putting philanthropic capital to work before it’s granted.

Impact capital in action

With a trusted guide and a dose of inspiration, shifting capital into impact investments doesn’t have to be complicated.

Gather ideas. Learn from your peers. Gain insights for your clients. Become a leader in your community.

Transform Tomorrow​
Innovative financing structures for your environmental impact program
Dec 2 at 2:00 pm ET - join the Rockefeller Foundation, UN Capital Development Fund, Convergence, Blue Forest Conservation, Conservation Finance Alliance and CapShift as we explore innovative financing structures for conservation-focused organizations.
Transform Tomorrow​
Transform Tomorrow
2022 CapShift Impact Report
Investing in Communities
A multi-part series about how to support and build equitable communities
Transform Tomorrow​
Transform Tomorrow​
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Leverage deep networks and strong relationships to activate capital for purpose

We deliver impact investment and recoverable grant opportunities to donor advised fund sponsors representing nearly $70 billion

2,230+ impact opportunities

Sourced through partnerships with leading asset managers, impact investors, and nonprofit organizations

We’re on a mission to change
the way money is invested

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