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Donor-advised funds, optimized for impact

Ready to maximize the power of your charitable assets?

CapShift and Greater Horizons have partnered together to bring impact solutions to Greater Horizons’ donors. We can help you align your donor-advised fund (DAF) assets with your charitable goals to create meaningful impact from the moment capital is donated until it reaches your preferred nonprofit.

Through your Greater Horizons’ DAF, you can browse a curated list of custom impact opportunities or recommend your own investments or recoverable grants aligned with your philanthropic priorities.

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Custom opportunities aligned with your philanthropic vision

Community Solar Energy Fund (Recoverable grant)

Impact Sector: Renewable Energy

Help accelerate the clean energy revolution across the U.S. and ensure its benefits reach underserved communities. This organization finances solar projects for community-serving nonprofits nationwide, providing upfront capital, ongoing maintenance, and electric bill savings.

Gender Lens Investing Fund (Recoverable grant)

Impact Sector: Microfinance

Amplify access to financial services for women and families in rural communities. This impact-first fund supports gender-forward financial service providers and social enterprises by providing debt and tailored technical assistance.

Real Estate Investment Fund (Private investment)

Impact Sector: Housing

Create and preserve affordable housing with an additional emphasis on environmental and social impact. This real estate impact strategy invests in affordable housing programs throughout the U.S. with opportunities for environmental investments and social impact.

Criminal Justice Fund (Private investment)

Impact Sector: Social Justice

Advance enterprises that work to reduce the damage caused by the criminal justice system. This venture capital fund invests in operations that seek to prevent reentry, reduce suffering and support individuals with opportunities to succeed.

Investment names have been redacted. You can discover the full list of impact opportunities by requesting access to Greater Horizons’ CapShift Platform.

Start creating impact today

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Donors with a minimum of $500,000 in their DAF at Greater Horizons can select custom opportunities from the curated menu or recommend opportunities of their own. Donor recommendations for custom opportunities not listed on the menu are subject to review and approval by Greater Horizons. To review CapShift’s Privacy Policy, click here.

If you have additional questions, or would like to open a donor advised fund at Greater Horizons, reach out to or call 866.719.7886

Greater Horizons is a leading provider of charitable solutions, working alongside donors and their advisors to develop philanthropic legacies. Through donor-advised funds and a comprehensive platform of charitable tools, Greater Horizons’ philanthropic experts help individuals, families, companies and institutions streamline their giving and provide research and guidance on charitable landscapes and giving strategies.

CapShift empowers philanthropic and financial institutions, along with their clients, to activate capital to drive social and environmental change. We partner with organizations like Greater Horizons to provide impact investments which enable donors to create meaningful impact from the moment capital is donated until it reaches their preferred nonprofit.

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