Impact Funds and Social Enterprises

    CapShift can help you reach impact-oriented investors.

    By joining the CapShift database, your offering may be found by institutional investors, financial professionals, and philanthropic institutions interested in mobilizing their capital for social and environmental change.

    We work with and for impact investors seeking aligned investments across a broad range of asset classes, impact areas and geographies. There is no fee for you to join the CapShift database.

    Your Organization

    Who should join the CapShift database?

    The CapShift database contains a diverse array of impact investment opportunities including:

    • public equity and fixed income funds
    • private equity and credit funds
    • recoverable grants into nonprofit organizations
    • direct investments into companies, nonprofits, organizations, and projects

    Our database includes mission-driven organizations currently seeking values-aligned investors focused on addressing global challenges across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including:

    mitigating climate change

    alleviating poverty

    eradicating diseases

    ensuring quality education and jobs for all

    driving gender equality and social justice

    ending food insecurity

    If you identify with these characteristics, we want to hear from you.

    How it Works

    Join the CapShift Database

    Step 1

    Share details of your investment opportunity and offering documents by sending an email to

    Step 2

    We perform an initial review and work with you through the process of being included in our database

    Step 3

    If appropriate, we perform a comprehensive due diligence review to determine opportunity eligibility

    Step 4

    We reach out if we have inbound client interest from our partners and clients

    Step 5

    You share with us regular updates regarding operations, investments, fundraising, and impact outcomes


    Featured Organizations

    Below are some of impact funds, social enterprises, and nonprofits that have joined the CapShift database.