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    Demonstrate the power of capital to create an equitable future for all.

    Support Thriving Communities

    As our nation grapples with a pandemic and engages in a national conversation about how to create thriving communities for all people, there has never been a better time to use all our resources to invest directly in the initiative and strength of those seeking to advance an equitable future.

    To help you effectively invest long-withheld capital into Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities in the United States, we have partnered with TheCaseMade to develop a Racial Justice Framework for evaluating investment opportunities on their potential for advancing racial justice.

    Through this work, we hope to help you connect with investment opportunities that have the potential to drive racial justice and transformative change.


    Help communities thrive and prosper

    Through our work, we've found that opportunities fall along a continuum on their path towards racial justice:

    Diversity and Inclusion

    These opportunities actively monitor and seek to improve the diversity and inclusion metrics associated with their organizations, the groups they are investing in, or the beneficiaries of their services.

    Support Thriving Communities with a Focus on Racial Equity

    The primary benefit of these investments is to correct some of the injustices that occur because of systemic racism.

    Racial Justice

    These opportunities advance structural change through a transformative approach. They not only seek positive outcomes but also model new systems that can be used for a more just future.

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    Click on the Racial Justice Framework below to explore the framework we have built to understand how investment opportunities help BIPOC communities thrive and bring about structural change that advances racial justice. In the accompanying Sourcing Report, discover examples of actionable investment opportunities advancing an equitable future.

    Join the Conversation

    Our Racial Justice Framework and accompanying sourcing report are a starting point for families who want to invest in a more just and equitable future.

    To dive deeper, join CapShift and TheCaseMade in our discussion about the Racial Justice Framework, which evaluates investment and recoverable grant opportunities along the racial justice continuum.

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