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    With CapShift, philanthropic dollars at Fidelity Charitable can work to solve social and environmental challenges before you recommend a grant.

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    Fidelity Charitable has partnered with CapShift to offer an impact investing platform that empowers donors like you to invest the existing dollars in your Giving Account for transformational change.

    Now you can update your Giving Account current investment allocations to include impact investments and make it a powerful vehicle for accelerating social and environmental impact.

    With CapShift, you gain access to an expanded menu of transformational investments already approved by Fidelity Charitable. Impact investments enable you to align your investment recommendations with the same values that drive your grant-recommendations decisions.

    Create impact while also seeking a financial return.

    By working with CapShift you can:


    Invest your donor advised fund to support the causes you care about – so both your grant and investment recommendations have a meaningful impact.


    Grow your impact with your existing funds – no new donations necessary.


    Receive support from the CapShift team to help achieve your unique goals.


    Sample opportunities currently available through CapShift:

    *Investment opportunity's name has been redacted; you can discover the full investment opportunity through CapShift.

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